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Where can I find spreader settings?

We make it easy for you to find your spreader settings.  Visit our spreader settings page to learn more. Spreader settings can also be found on the back of the package.

When can my pet go back on the lawn?
When the product has been watered in and is dry. When applying a weed & feed product, your pet is allowed back on the lawn when the dust has settled and the lawn is dry. Do not water your lawn immediately after applying a weed & feed product. Always refer to product label for complete Directions For Use.

Where can I get a label?

Label/MSDS product page.

When do I apply a Crabgrass preventer?

Early spring is the most common time. Prior to crabgrass germination. Always refer to product label for complete Directions For Use.

Does a Weed & Feed need to be applied when the grass is wet?

Yes.  The product needs to stick to the actively growing weeds. Always refer to product label for complete Directions For Use.

What are the ingredients in a bag of fertilizer?

Each ingredient and percentage of each ingredient is listed on the product label or MSDS

What are some advantages of using lawn fertilizers?

Plants consume nutrients throughout the growing season that need to be replaced. Using a lawn care fertilizer program will help replace those nutrients. Proper nutrient levels help improve the color, density and uniformity of the turf grass while also increasing its resistance to disease. Proper application timing, amount applied and and product being used all effect the final result.

Can too much fertilizer be applied

Yes. Follow all application instructions and rates as noted on the back of each product. Over-application may cause damage to the turf. Signs of over-application may be browning/burning of the turf which may also require reseeding to correct the damaged area.

How may weeks do I wait between application steps?

It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks between fertilizer applications.

Can I reseed or overseed after I used a fertlizer?

Depends of the type of fertilizer used. You can reseed after a fertilizer application if the fertilizer you used does not contain a chemical. If it contained a chemical, refer to the product label for complete Directions For Use and Use Precautions.

Can I apply a grub control product the same day as I applied a Lawn Food product?

Yes. Only if the grub control product does not contain fertlizer.

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