Weed / Insect Control


How do I kill broadleaf weeds in my lawn?

  • Apply when weeds are young and actively growing.
  • Apply to wet or moist turf to allow the weed control product to stick to the weeds.
  • For best results, apply at least two days before your last mowing and wait two days after application before you mow again.

*Fall is the perfect time to get a jump on next year’s weeds using a fall Weed & Feed.


How do I stop crabgrass from growing in my lawn?
Apply a pre-emergent herbicide product to prevent crabgrass seeds from germinating.  Proper timing is critical (generally early spring) so always refer to product label for specific instructions. 
Note: Do not apply a pre-emergent herbicide to new grass seed.


How do I control ants, fleas and ticks in my lawn?
Insect control products can be applied anytime you notice the listed (refer to product label) nuisance pest or see signs of damage.  Proper irrigation is required to release the chemical from the carrier.  Repeat applications as directed.

How do I control white grubs in my lawn?
White grubs can cause widespread damage to lawns by feeding on the roots causing it to turn yellow, then brown and die. Preventative applications are generally applied late spring through mid-August.  Refer to actual product instructions for application timing and Directions for Use.


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